About Rotem

Photo: Ammar Ijaz

Rotem (Roe-tem) was born in Haifa, Israel, and emigrated to Toronto at the age of 24.

He started his academic career as a physics major in the pursuit of the fundamental principles of reality, but quickly realized that our ability to know the universe is limited more by our minds than anything else.

He started doing research with various international collaborators as of the second year of his undergraduate degree, and hasn’t stopped since.

Rotem’s interests have since become more focused on learning how to live a good life, and how to teach these principles.

He believes that being able to weather life’s storms is an important part of the Good Life, but being creative and attentive to the process are equally important parts.

Rotem is particularly excited about psychedelics as a means to transcend normal conscious experience in a way that helps individuals live the Good Life.

While doing research is important, Rotem feels strongly that doing research the right way is necessary.

Rotem is a strong proponent of Open Science, and has published about the topic in both popular and academic media outlets.

Rotem spends much of his free time walking his dog Stella, training for marathons, meditating, and travelling.